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QCS Engines

Engine remanufacturing & repair centre, based near Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

"We would highly recommend QCS, its a growing and established business and being so honest and reliable is going to propel them to great things."
- Rag Tag Misfits,

"Charlie has obviously been working with these engines for a while and is probably a world expert. Engine now runs like it used to and we are back on the road. Could have saved a lot of time and money if we had gone straight to Charlie."
- calumc,


Our skilled engineers at QCS Engines have a proven track record when it comes to remanufacturing popular engines, including the VW Transporter series, Peugeot Expert, and many more.

Using industry-leading tools and quality components, we can completely rebuild these engines in our dedicated workshop.

A professionally remanufactured engine gives you the peace of mind of a brand new, zero-mile engine - making them a sensible alternative to buying second-hand.


QCS can fix common faults with popular engines including:

  • oil starvation
  • turbo failure
  • bore wear

We can also repair gearboxes and other components - please call us for details.

Oil starvation problems - SOLVED!

QCS have located the problem with the VW T5 2.5 TDI PD AXD/AXE transporter engine oil starvation.

After three years of research and development, we now believe we have the answer to the problems that the AXD/AXE engine suffers from, i.e. turbo failure, lack of oil to the camshaft and cam lifters.

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A remanufactured engine... a GREEN engine!